Inology Rules!

15 May 2015 11:04 AMCindy Jensen
Inology Rules!

Each year we intend to have a whole new look and with that comes an enormous amount of work behind the scenes. Today saw the roll-out of BBTC15, thanks to the masters of the website build!

After many cancelled meetings, false promises of coffee dates and countless email demands, the door swung open at Inology today and a bemused Brittany was ready to take the reigns.

Not only did these guys support me from the onset and help Buskers by the Creek come to life on the crazy worldwide web, they continue to hold my hand and help me with everything technological .... I'd hate to think the state I'd be in without their guidance!

It's always a great laugh in the office and today was educational in more ways than one!  Want to know more about the father and daughter duo?  Brittany's held me to silence when it comes to her greatest music love, so let's just say Kasey Chambers ROCKS!   John loves a wine and is always up for a challenge - as soon as his work's done I'll be dragging him to a nearby local for a well deserved shout. 

Chin, chin to you both, love your work!