Podcast Addict - No Filter Cindy VS Drew Kruck

14 Jul 2015 5:35 PM
Podcast Addict - No Filter Cindy VS Drew Kruck

I certainly didn't expect I would become an addict, by accepting a generous offer of a work space with our local larrikin!

It's been around three months since I step foot into my office in Traders Way and what an amazing layer this has added to my creativeness!  It certainly helps when I'm right side of another creative thinker, boystrous lad who loves my project and everything it stands for!  Meet Drew Kruck!

Drew not only fought and won his title at 'Wanna Be a Kickboxer", he's a health nut who loves the Gold Coast outdoors.  He's an entertainer of all sorts, ladies let me warn you that your jackets are best kept hung :)  Lead singer of the Gold Coast's favourite party band, The Titanix is his night time character role and it's how I came to know this adorable, funny father of two!

I'm onto my fourth podcast and I'm ADDICTED!  Yes, another love of Drew's is shed banter on his show with the ordinary and extraordinary (and he seems to think I fit into the latter category.  God love him!)  Since starting on his podcast challenge of completing 100 sessions in a calendar year, he's brought me to laughter and tears and a new project has recently presented itself with PulseX!  This man is going places!

Take a listen folks, the channel's "Gold Coast VS Drew Kruck".  I apologise in advance for any obscenities ... he doesn't call me "Cindy No Filter" for no reason!

Now to book podcast number 5!