The Wicked Buskers Bus

10 Oct 2015 8:24 AMCindy Jensen
The Wicked Buskers Bus

The time has come to spread the word around the GC streets. Introducing the Aquavan!

We have to be creative when marketing with a very limited budget and we couldn't think of a more perfect way to spread the word than take a buskers bus to the streets!

Thanks to Wicked Campervans, we'll be turning up at various locations around the coast to spread the buskers buzz.  If you didn't know about us, you soon will!  YOU WON'T MISS US!

It's been a while since my last post, because I'm one person with only two sets of hands.  Loads has happened in the last few months, including programming, many attempts at stage and vendor placement, putting a stop to other "by the creek" activities and road works, organising an official opening, Battle of the Buskers, media launches, radio interviews, photoshoots, website updates and being married to social media platforms!  The list goes on!  

My husband David and daughter Lenoxx have also been busy making and creating "Leechies Lollies" warung, building theming props, being my personal shoppers, dressers, cleaners and psychiatrists.  I love them to the moon and back and this festival certainly wouldn't happen without them!

This year there's been loads of downs, but even more ups and wins!  After a horrendous week recently the universe blessed me with a gift of The Lizardman and Space Cowboy becoming my god.  I will never forget the turnaround in events!

Anyhow, I must fly....we're on a strict buskers bus timetable and we need to refuel!  We're on the final countdown now, only seven more sleeps!  See you soon!