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Performer + Stallholder Info

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We hope you all have a magical experience at 'Buskers by the Lake' this year! Over the years we've created friendships, relationships, bands and even babies and we've had performers apply year on year to appear for an encore. This festival brings joy to thousands and puts thousands in your guitar cases and hats....

Please remember we are a BUSKING FESTIVAL. There are no sound checks, no stages, no bright lights. We pride ourselves on our grass roots festival - there is absolutely no room for egos and we need you all to appreciate that even though we’ve executed six previous festivals, this is our first event on the Sunshine Coast and the first time we’ve had to ticket the event. As such, we are dealing with a whole new event model and location and we appreciate your consideration and understanding.

You have been issued your performance times and stage names. The program will include a festival footprint map with your stage names clearly marked and we will email a copy once complete.

Remember, there is a fifteen minute change over between acts to allow for pack down and set up. Some acts may only require a few minutes for change-over, so we recommend arriving earlier than the fifteen minutes prior to your performance in case the act prior completes their pack down early. To confirm, if your performance time commences at 12.00pm and the act following is scheduled to commence at 1.15pm, your performance finish time is 1.00pm.

With regards to sound, we have hired the services of DW Sound who will be ensuring all our sound requirements are met. For full bands, please remember we are a ‘busking’ festival with strict sound requirements (75dB) and we request that you strip back your venue performances, drum kits etc to suit. You have all been advised on the stage set-up being provided and I have included below as a reminder:

UP = Artist to bring own battery powered PA. No power will be available.

Powered = A PA will be available for your use, plugged into power. The PA inclusions were listed on a previous email, please refer. We need all musicians to bring their own mics/stands and instruments. If you require instrument leads, you will also need to bring these.

We will be installing hand painted backdrops created by Gold Coast artist, Dion Parker and it’s the performer’s responsibility to create their own busking activation – hats, guitar cases and even pillow cases have been used in the past. Please check out our instagram photos from previous years if you need inspiration.

As we only have ATM’s that dispense large dollar denominations on-site, we swap for our buskers TIP TOKENS to assist in generating you extra tips. These are also included in our entry fee and redeemable for $1 each. On completion of your set, please head to our information centre where we will record your tip income. This will be deposited into your account post festival. If you have not already done so, please provide us your bank details here.

Each performer is entitled to 2 x free performer tickets, your individual coupon code was sent to your email. If you haven't already, order your tickets here. You will not be permitted entry without your tickets and they will be scanned and allocated to your act on arrival, so please ensure you download these prior to the event. Please list your act name as the first name.

You are permitted one performer car parking space per act only. The parking will be accessible via Main Drive, Bokarina. You will be required to scan your parking ticket with the traffic controllers to be permitted entry into Sportsmans Drive. The gravel carpark on the left hand side past the businesses, will be signposted. If you haven't already done so, reserve your car parking spot here.

We’ve got media, professional film crews, photographers and interviewers capturing the festival this year and we look forward to making you a part of our documented history! The Creative Industries students from University of Sunshine Coast will also be roving and capturing podcast material on the ‘Love Lounge’. As per previous years, we’ve also been contacted by other major festivals, agents, scouts etc who will be attending looking for new talent.

For those who haven’t promoted their attendance via their socials, we would appreciate your support - this needs to be a team effort. We’re doing our best with promotion, but we really do rely on all artists to help spread the word to their fans. Thank you for announcing your involvement before the week’s out, it is appreciated!

Here’s our links:

If you're trying to hunt us down over the weekend or want to purchase a limited edition BBTL shirt, head to the information centre. If you're needing any assistance, keep an eye out for a pink crew shirt. If you're up for a podcast chat, head to the Love Lounge. But most of all, have an amazing weekend and enjoy the moment!


If you are a finalist of the 'Battle of the Buskers', there is no need to purchase a ticket as your name will be included on the door list at Eleven Dive Bar. All backline and sound equipment is provided, with DW Sound providing a technician for the events. You will however, need to bring your own mics and instrument leads.

Doors will open half an hour before kick off, with acts performing in alphabetical order. A run sheet will be forwarded shortly.

Under 18 - Doors 3pm - Kick off 3.30pm
Over 18 - Doors 6.30pm - Kick off 7.00pm


Bump-In can commence from 6am on Saturday 30th October, with all vehicles to be removed from site by 8am. All stalls are to be fully operational by 9am.

You will be issued a site allocation number later in the week and will be directed to this on arrival. You are to have all your leads tagged and tested. You are to carry your Public Liability Insurance COC on you and your council permits at all times, as there will be onsite presence. You are to remove all waste at the end of the festival, our on-site bins can be used throughout the event. We have engaged the services of Greenfest Solutions to undertake waste management during the festival. All food vendors are to cater with recycled containers.

All stalls are to remain on-site until after all patrons have exited the festival.

Bump in of infrastructure can begin on Friday 29th October, please let us know if you intend to set up your structures. No stock can be left on the premises overnight. Bump in can commence from 6am on Saturday 30th, with all vehicles to be removed from the site by 8am. All stallholders are to be fully operational by 9am.

You will be issued a site number later in the week with a contact number of the market co-ordinator and will be directed to your area on arrival.

All stalls are to remain on-site until after all patrons have exited the festival.

Love Cindy and Joel