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Get up close and personal with our performers - read what makes them tick; their achievements, trials and tribulations; their creative plans for the future. To stay with this year's theme, we also ask them to reveal their fantasy. Sometimes dark, sometimes gritty, most of the time inspiring!

We've also got tips on what to do and where to go on the Sunshine Coast and touch on the topics on the tip of everyone's tongues.

We can't wait to raise the curtain on the Sunshine Coast and have you a part of the M-A-G-I-C!

Samora Squid’s Circus-Sideshow Exhibition

By Pandella Maultby

If you have a taste for all things that could be described as unnatural and freaky then you cannot miss Samora’s breathtaking performance at Buskers by the Lake, this 20th-21st of August.

Samora is a self-described “sideshow freak” and has a range of weird and wonderful talents including contortion, sword swallowing, hook suspension and screaming incoherently.

Read on to get to know how they got started and why they are so passionate about this bizarre performance style.


Samora began performing when they were just a ten-year-old child living in the small town of Penguin in Tasmania. They had always dreamt of bigger things, so they said, “I left there at age 14, because I was able to find the bus stop”. By their mid-teens they were doing paid gigs with a punk band and then by 17 they stepped up to sideshow stunts. Samora showcased stunts at local comedy open nights and street shows whenever possible.

Samora said their real turning point occurred when they were 18. “I was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. The restaurant unexpectedly closed, and I suddenly didn't have income. With rent to pay, I suddenly had to earn money, so I went out on the street and busked every day. I decided this was in many ways more reliable than depending on the business management skills of someone else and decided to be my own boss.”

During this time, they endured many ups and downs. From numerous rejections and little income to losing friends, the busking life definitely had its challenges. Nevertheless, Samora persisted. The unique life experiences, perspectives and knowledge gained from fellow buskers and audiences was priceless


Over the duration of their career so far, Samora has performed internationally as a featured artist in a myriad of festivals, cabarets, circuses, and other events. The audience is always guaranteed an absolutely thrilling jaw-dropping experience.

“Squid tailors each performance so that it is perfect for that particular audience, creating memories that last a lifetime.”

Samora said the best part about performing is, “being surrounded by laughing, happy people and feeling connected to the community”. However, their chosen field takes its toll.

“For the most part, it [performing and touring] keeps me fit and strong, however as I've gotten older, the repetitive strain of not so much the contortion, but the lugging around of my equipment and having to sit on planes and buses for long periods has taken its toll. Regular massage and check-ins with a physio help.”

Career Highlights

Expectedly, with such a unique field of expertise the memorable moments and reactions from audiences is broad and extensive. Samora said they’ve received the whole spectrum of reactions, “from unadulterated admiration, to utter disdain and everything in between”. They said the most memorable response they’ve encountered was when they had to call the ambulance for a spectator in New Orleans after they collapsed on the ground.


Samora’s biggest influence is the ultimate cult figure of the freak scene, John Kamikaze, and they have actually had the incredible honour of training and touring with him multiple times.

Their general creative influence for everything they’ve created and achieved is owed to a book they adored as a child and have held onto dearly to this day: Henry’s Quest by Graham Oakley.

They said the best advice they ever received was to, “always think carefully about who's giving you advice and what their motivations might be”. The advice they would offer to other performers would be to:

“Be prepared to suck and fail countless times before you succeed and understand that your career will most likely have many false starts. By the time you're where you wanted to be ten years ago, you won't even notice, because you'll want to be somewhere else.”


Samora’s dream goal and fantasy is to continue performing for at least another ten years and then eventually settle down. They said their professional goal is: “to still be working ten years from now, make more original work and tour Europe with a punk band at least one more time.”

However, their ultimate fantasy is: “to grow old by the sea”.

Salt and Steel

By Jessica McColl, University of the Sunshine Coast

Salt and Steel are a travelling duo who previously won Battle of the Buskers in 2016. Their music fuses heavy rock with the earthy and grounded sounds of tribal, blues and roots music – delivering this with solid drums, driving guitar riffs and intoxicatingly, fierce vocals.


Growing up in the Clarence Valley, NSW, Elle and Briony started off as an acoustic duo venturing out to Open Mic nights. The last ten years has seen them travel across Australia, sharing their music at festivals, private parties, backyard shindigs and on the roads less travelled.


Salt and Steel love what they do and this is evident from the contagious energy they possess on and off stage. Coupled with amazing songwriting, it was this magic that saw a unanimous judges decision for the duo to take out the top gong at the 2016 Battle of the Buskers competition.

It's not all unicorns and rainbows, with Briony and Elle constantly meandering along the uncertain road of the music industry. “Everything has peaks and valleys, that’s for sure! It was hard work to get to a stage where we felt fully comfortable performing and having audiences loving all our songs. But, it’s mostly been a fun ride. If things start to feel tough we just take a step back now and then and remember how awesome and random our lives are. We get to experience A LOT of cool things!”

One of their favourite things about performing is: “Definitely travelling to new places and being at festivals. If we could spend every weekend performing at music festivals, we 100% would!”

Career Highlights

As you would expect in an industry as exciting as music, the list of highlights and memorable moments is extensive.

“Playing music and travelling helps you meet a variety of people and puts you in many weird and wacky situations! We usually make the most of it at the time and laugh about it later!”

Audience reactions to Salt and Steel are extremely positive, so much in fact that they have shared the stage with various Australian acts such as Wolfmother.


When eager for inspiration, Elle and Briony watch and get inspiration from energetic and entertaining live shows – where the audience and people mingle. They have been lucky to meet so many different characters and walks of life. They also listen to all different types of music and through this, it is noticeable in their music.

Their tip of the day:

“To have fun and enjoy what you do! Do it because you love it, and work hard to play harder”.


Salt and Steel’s goal is to “continue growing and creating music that we hope will help people on their own journey (and get us on even more festival stages!)”

“Our ultimate fantasy is to continue our life of music and adventure without all of the admin and non music stuff! And of course, to travel the world and play to big crowds across the globe!”

Sunday Lemonade's Peachy Pop

By Jessica McColl, University of the Sunshine Coast

Fan of uplifting performances, making fun, groovy folk/pop tunes and sharing lotsa joy with people? Make sure you catch Sunday Lemonade at Buskers By the Lake this 20th - 21st of August!

Sunday Lemonade form a melodic, folky, ray-of-sunshine duo that have packed their lives into a van in order to spread laughter and share their stories all across Australia.


Sunday Lemonade came to life on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, where Tyson and Laura began touring in 2019.

About 10 years ago, Tyson was the front man for a pop/emo-screamo band supporting acts like Getaway Plan & Dead Letter Circus, and aside from the one high school band for a musical, Laura started out playing soft, solo acoustic gigs 7 years ago in restaurants, bars and cafes.

After many years of separately, desperately trying to involve themselves in as much music as possible, Sunday Lemonade had the desire to make full time music a reality. So at the start of 2019 they bought a van and headed off for a two month ‘tour’ – where they had one show booked in Byron Bay. Thankfully, this led to a lot of busking on the streets and they became a part of Byron nightlife, which felt really rewarding and special! The more they played, the better they got and the more people started gathering to watch. They were hooked!


With a great music scene at Mornington Peninsula, a lot of the songs written have a coastal-folk feel to them which have been influenced by Victoria’s surrounds. It also means amidst Sunday Lemonade’s national tours they made sure to drop by home, play a show or two and spend time with loved ones.

"We feel really lucky to be constantly connecting with different people, having a new workplace each week and travelling around this big, beautiful country all the time! However, there are some negatives about performing. Being always on the move can be hard to stay grounded and in the loop with what’s happening in everybody’s lives."

Sunday Lemonade are constantly on show, so if one of them is having a bad day it means shaking it off, getting vulnerable, showing up as they are and still doing their best to make their audience feel good through music.

"One of our favourite things about performing is the smiles, the dancing! We’ve been told time and time again that our sets are like a wall of joy, capable of turning peoples mood around. That’s a powerful thing to get to do!”


When eager for inspiration, Laura and Tyson turn to the people around them and known artists. Laura's biggest inspiration is her “brother, Shaun Kirk, for my songwriting and work ethic. He’s been a hard working, self-managed, touring musician for over 10 years!"

Laura loves "clever lyrics and really admires musicians who’ve been in the industry a long time like Paul Kelly & Missy Higgins, and who overcome the expectations of the industry.” Tyson’s biggest inspirations come from “listening to drummers, people with creative rhythms and big voices!”

Both artists are equally inspired to continue making music by the people around them, their friends who continually provide support or who are out there sharing music themselves like Whiskey Jack & Steph Strings.

To return the favour of advice they received when starting out, Laura and Tyson have these words of wisdom:

“Be persistent and remain creative. There will always be knock backs and times where you question your place within the industry, but there is room for everyone! You’ve just got to keep searching for your people.”


Laura and Tyson have said that their ultimate fantasy is to:

“Share our enthusiasm and joy for life with as many people as possible! In a chaotic world, each gig we play feels so necessary. It’d be great to have some enthusiastic people with us who believe it too, so we can give even more attention to the music and shows!”

Tom Mac’s One-Man-Band

By Pandella Maultby, University of the Sunshine Coast

If you love yourself a bit of country or folk music, then make sure you catch Tom Mac at Buskers by the Lake this 20th-21st of August.

Tom is a full one-man band. He sings, plays the guitar, loops, plays the harmonica and recently learnt the didgeridoo.

Read on to get to know about how he started and why he is so passionate about his music.


Tom was born and raised in country Victoria, which whether he likes it or not has heavily influenced his music. He said he likes to consider his music folk, but many of his fans claim it’s more country. When he was 16, he moved to Melbourne which he believes is what influenced the whole “loopy thing”.

Despite having music in his blood, he didn’t begin to really get into the professional music scene until his early-to-mid-20s. He had always been in musicals and choirs and started out doing open mics, but his first real gig was an experience he will always cherish.

“That first gig was definitely the first time I felt proud to tell people what I did … And the funny thing about that first gig is, I also picked up the hottest chick I’d picked up in my life at that point … But that just happened as a by-product, but I really enjoyed the experience of playing and bringing people joy.”

This spurred him on to release some incredible original music, before embarking on a five to six year long hiatus to truly discover himself and rebrand. He has only recently stepped back onto the stage.


Since venturing back into the spotlight, Tom has been working on some new hits, with his upcoming Ep Hearts are Strong. To promote this, he’s also been really wearing his heart on his sleeve by creating personalised song gifts for fans. I recommend heading to his Facebook page to watch some of these heartfelt renditions.

Career Highlights

Some of Tom’s most memorable moments aren’t from performing but instead his experiences being a traveling musician. This story features his favourite guitar, which he doesn’t even understand how it’s still working, after he once used it as a crash pad.

“I was actually knocked off my push bike on the way home at one in the morning in London … A pissed Irish lady opened her door onto the roadside to get out. And I happened to be riding along and broke my finger on the door, did a 180 and fell on top of my guitar … And I split it.”

He patched it up, and then not even a week later, it sustained more damage in transit on his way back to Australia. He said to this day it still works but the bumps and bruises are obvious and extensive.


When searching for inspiration, Tom looks deeper than the surface. His main musical inspirations are Bob Marley and Xavier Rudd, but not just because he enjoys their music. He appreciates their bigger purpose. He aspires to genuinely make a difference and make the world a better place through music and powerful messaging, the way they do.

When asked to bestow some wisdom for fellow musicians starting out, Tom said to make sure you never give up, stay authentic and be different.

“Don't give up, don't think that when you're 24, 25 … You should be famous by now. … Take the slow road, I mean, I had to learn this myself. … I was influenced by this idea of fame, and I think we all are. … Be different. You are different by being yourself, try not to be too much like other people, take influence from them, but be yourself and create your own sound.”


Tom said if he allowed himself to really dream then his greatest dream and fantasy would be to perform to thousands and hear his words sung back to him.

“It'd be great to have 20,000 people sing your song back to you. That is obviously my fantasy because not from the egotistic side of it, it'd just be nice that that message has resonated with enough people that you can feel that come back to you. And you know that you've made an impact on the world .”

Anthony Pieters’ Spellbinding Performative Visual Arts

By Pandella Maultby, University of the Sunshine Coast

Passionate about visual arts, dance, or music? Want a thought provoking and emotional experience? Make sure you catch Anthony Pieters' show at Buskers by the Lake this 20th - 21st August, to be mesmerised by all combined.

Anthony captivates his audience with expressive drawing while busting out some moves on stage to groovy tunes.

Continue reading to get to know about how he started and why he enjoys this niche performance style so much.


Anthony was born and raised on the Gold Coast and began performing when he was 23. He said when he was growing up there wasn’t much of a creative scene, so he had to seek inspiration elsewhere. Anthony said, “watching other performers and artists on YouTube encouraged me to use my talents, as if I was a part of a creative community.”

He always dreamt of becoming an artist, however as he realised in high school this desire doesn’t come easy. He had to, and continues to, work hard to make his dream come true. He has spent the past 15 years growing his performance portfolio as well as running a side hustle as a professional graphic designer. If this isn’t dedication I don’t know what is.

Breaking into this scene has been a struggle as Anthony’s mesmerising shows are unique and can be hard to explain. He said, “my act was very different, therefore it was a challenge booking agents and event organisers as they did not understand what I did, even if there was footage.” However, he also admits that his biggest struggle is also one of his biggest blessings. He said, “Due to the diversity of my performance I also can attract opportunities and stand out from the rest.”


Anthony’s spellbinding performances unite art, dance, music and sometimes video projections to create a truly unique experience. His aim is to make his audience forget where they are and ensure they immerse themselves within the moment. He also aspires to evoke emotions and leave his audiences with a socially conscious message that they can truly understand and resonate with.

Anthony said he grew up with a strong dance and artistic background, so one of his favourite aspects of his chosen performance style is being able to incorporate his two passions together on the same stage.

Career Highlights

Unsurprisingly, with such an extraordinary career, Anthony’s highlights are too extensive to list.

While he couldn’t narrow down just one particularly interesting experience from his spectacular career he said:

“Being a part of the arts certainly leads you to meet and experience many unique and intriguing individuals and situations! In some past shows that I have created, I have been touched by the responses of people. I have always been passionate about not only entertaining but creating thought provoking or emotional content to allow people to experience art in a diverse way.”


When asked about where his inspirations stem from, he didn’t have to think twice. He said, “well that’s easy. Michael Jackson has been my biggest influence ever since I was a young boy.” Not only did he write great hits, but the way he commanded the stage, with or without dancers, was truly amazing and something all performers dream of doing as well as him. The intricacy and uniqueness of his mind was also, well, unique. Anthony – though I’m sure we all agree – believes there has never been another performer quite like Michael Jackson.

When asked about the advice that’s inspired him to push on in this niche and difficult to crack market, he claimed he hasn’t received any memorable responses that have pushed him in the ways he desires. However, he offered some advice for likeminded creatives trying to get started in this industry.

He said to be aware that the world of art is very sugar coated, but it can be navigated on your own.

“Don’t wait for opportunities to happen. Work hard and create the right network around you in order to make it. It doesn’t happen overnight. Persevere and find your niche.”


Anthony said his ultimate goal and fantasy is to transform his exclusive artistic performance style into a full-time career.

“I would ultimately love to perform and create art as my full-time career. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for a long time but it’s definitely becoming clearer as I discover more about myself as an artist.”

Rogan Josh's Circo Arts

By Jessica McColl, University of the Sunshine Coast

Are you a fan of acrobatic stunts and ladder balancing? Make sure you catch Rogan Josh’s show at Buskers By the Lake this 20th – 21st of August.

Josh is an equilibrist that specialises in performing balancing feats, especially stabilising himself on a ladder!

Continue reading to get to know about how he started out and why he is so enthusiastic about his shows.


Josh began learning circus tricks and equilibrist stunts when he was just a 15-year-old teenager. As Josh grew older, however, he started studying furniture design, but always managed various performing stunts on the side for extra income. During this phase in his life, Josh realised at 23-years-old he wanted to a build a career as a full fledged equilibrist.

Now, Josh has had the opportunity to travel world wide doing what he loves most.


His shows exhibit a thrilling aspect of equilibrist stunts that you’ll have to come along to experience yourself! Each of his shows is produced around these specific stunts.

Josh has said that one of his favourite things about performing is “the spontaneity of it all. Especially performing outdoors; every time is just a little bit different so it never gets boring.”

Career Highlights

As you would expect in a career in an industry as ever thrilling and dangerous as being an equilibrist, the list of highlights and memorable moments is extensive.

The most memorable moments from his performances are having families approaching him and letting him know that they enjoyed the performance. Josh quoted that “that’s hard to do for circus!” as circus is great for the unimaginable, appealing to a broad demographic of people.

His shows have received a range of mixed emotions, varying from intrigue to disdain. He believes this is as “most audience members have to have that fascination with circus in order to truly have that love for the discipline.”

During one busking show on a waterfront, someone even offered Josh a joyride around before he finished his show!


When eager for inspiration, Josh turns to the biggest influence that turned him to the circus when he was a kid, The Four Kinsmen. Their act had different aspects – from comedy, impressions, puppetry, to singing – that made Josh realise that performers can choose to do anything (or everything)!

Another inspiration for Josh is the comedic duo of Lano and Woodley. This group of physical comedy based their act on Moby Dick by Herman Melville (1851), interesting choice of material I know! But this duo was able to integrate Moby Dick into a comedic act. From Lano playing Ishmael to Woodley channeling the energy of a toddler to be a visual comedy where the audience relies on Woodley’s childish wonder. Josh drew this duo’s inspiration into his own performances.

When asked about the best piece of advice, Josh stated to “look up and not to fidget”, especially when you peruse being a tightrope walker!

To return the favour to others starting out, he said to remember that “Things sometimes don’t just happen to you; you have to make it happen!”


Josh said his ultimate fantasy is “to get paid well, but also to keep doing this for as long as possible”, that’s the dream for everyone nowadays!

Bodane Hatten’s Devilish Magic

By Pandella Maultby, University of the Sunshine Coast

Fan of comedy, magic, and audience participation? Make sure you catch Bodane Hatten’s show at Buskers by the Lake this 20th-21st of August.

Bodane specialises in comedy magic and is passionate about including his audience in the show and making them feel as if he is performing just for them.

Continue reading to get to know about how he started out and why he is so enthusiastic about his shows.


Bodane began performing when he was just a 16-year-old teenager in Hobart, Tasmania. Being isolated from the mainland meant there were less opportunities and materials available to him. Postage took longer which impacted when he could train and learn new tricks, meaning he had to work harder to break into the magic industry. But it was all worth it.

Now, Bodane has had the opportunity to travel the world performing and doing what he loves most. The first stage show he ever co-wrote and performed in was ‘Underground Magic’ in Hobart. Since then, he has written and staged a range of his own shows and performed at an array of comedy and magic festivals all over Australia and the world.


His shows showcase a variety of inspiring magic including sleight of hand, mentalism, card tricks, and so much more that you’ll have to come along to experience for yourself. Each of his shows is produced around toying with and including the audience.

Bodane has said that one of his favourite things about performing is “thinking on his feet and bantering with the audience”.

Career Highlights

As you would expect in a career in an industry as exciting and ever evolving as comedy magic is, the list of highlights and memorable moments is extensive.

Bodane had the opportunity to perform on live national television on Australia’s Got Talent. During his time on stage, he performed a needle swallowing trick and wowed all four judges. And despite it unfortunately being cut from the final edit, his most memorable moment was drinking from Kelly Osbourne’s glass of water. He said the experience “was pretty rock n roll”.

His shows have received a range of mixed emotions of either delight or dismissal. He believes this is as “people have seen some pretty terrible magic and think that’s all there is”, however; he strives to prove the doubters wrong.

During one show an audience member bet him £100 that he could not replicate the same trick twice. He went on to, of course, win the bet after performing the same trick, not just once more, but three more times.


When eager for inspiration, Bodane turns to Malini – a famous magician in the 1910-30 period, – Teller from Penn & Teller and Mac King for his incredible comedy writing expertise.

When asked about the best piece of advice he was ever given he said that it was to remember that he is in control onstage and “no matter what happens you have to deal with it and have the bravery to stick by your decision.”

To return the favour to others starting out, he said to remember to:

“Study. Research. If you think you are original or think nobody else can come up with something better, then you are very wrong and your hubris will crumple like a crisp packet on a hot stovetop.”


Bodane said his ultimate fantasy is to perform without obligations or stress.

“To be a resident performer at a resort or casino. To perform with no obligations or everyday worries. Basically, a manager. I am useless at admin and time management.”


By Ronan Clarke, University of the Sunshine Coast

A busker is someone who entertains for donations, so please remember – don’t forget to tip!

Buskers by the Lake celebrates the art of busking and what better way to show your appreciation for the artists, than by paying them for their performance!

We want to ensure that entry to the festival is accessible to as many as possible, so we keep our entry fees extremely low! It's only $50 for a family of four for a full day's EXPERIENCE!

Our buskers aren’t being paid by us, but that’s where you come in – because of the money we’ve saved you on entry, we expect you to start saving your cash stash to bring to share amongst your favourite performers.

What is a tip token, you ask? Tip tokens are one of the ideas we’ve come up with to help you help our performers, with each token being worth one dollar to the buskers. You can swap cash or EFT some tip tokens at our information centre and you can toss them their way whenever you see fit, alongside any coins or notes you think they deserve!

Our performers can redeem all of their tip tokens at the end of their performances and it’s through your generosity that our event can continue and our performers can continue on their road to success.

Sunny Coast Are You Ready?

In 2016 we introduced Australia to its first ever floating half-pipe. Then in 2019 we brought it back bigger and better.

Now in 2022 in a Sunny Coast first, you get to witness our half-pipe lakeside .... and on fire! 💙✌

The construction will commence on Thursday before the event and take more than 100 man hours and a team of twenty to assemble, transport, unload and position the half pipe into place. And it’s already becoming the hot topic over in the skateboarding world.

Owner of Chiggy's Skateboarding, Mat Chiggy says they can’t wait to put on an epic show.

“I’m feeling very excited and grateful about having this festival move to the Sunshine Coast,” he said. “It's a great festival and it's just what the coast needs.”

Chiggy’s skateboarding will be joining BMX riders, scooter riders and roller skaters in tearing up the floating half-pipe with tricks and flips galore.

One of those BMX riders include Australia’s BMX champion, Alex Hiam. A professional rider for over a decade, Alex took home the Dave Mirra Best Trick title at the 2018 X Games.

“I’ve never ridden my bike off land - a floating half pipe is pretty much as rad as it gets,” said the 26-year-old BMX rider sponsored by VANS, Colony and LUX. “There has only been a few times this has ever been pulled off, so to get the opportunity to carve up out on the water is amazing.”

But of course this all wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing sponsors and Event Manager, Joel Jensen. Joel has overseen and executed the operation in previous years and looks forward to dishing up a taste of the action to the Sunshine Coast fans!

“It’s an all day and costly exercise (to get the half-pipe floating) and we definitely couldn’t achieve the dream without the support of our partners AB Crane Hire, Borger Cranes and Gold Coast Barges,” he said.

Fast becoming one of the world’s leading busking festivals, 2022 is set to be bigger and better than ever with more than 250 performers taking to the picturesque lakeside location, including award-winning musicians, world-renowned contortionists, magicians, circus performers and yet-to-be-discovered talents.

The floating half-pipe will feature scheduled shows from 11am on the 20th and 21st August, with the fiery finale by Energy Entertainments kicking off at 6pm sharp.

The Sunshine Coast Bucket List ... by Shandyn Lameree

So you’ve come up to the Sunny Coast for 'Buskers by the Lake' and you want to explore, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered....

Visit a Sunshine Coast beach

I feel like this one kind of goes without saying - a holiday on the Sunshine Coast without visiting one of our many beautiful beaches, is a holiday wasted! The best beach on the Sunny Coast is a hotly contested topic up here. Locals could easily waste a few hours debating the merits of their favourite beaches. Truly, we’ve got a beach for every occasion. My advice is to visit a few and pick your favourite spot. Some of my faves include Golden Beach, First and Second Bay in Coolum and La Balsa.

The Hinterland

Waterfalls, walks, stunning views, amazing eats and cute little boutique shops - the Sunshine Coast hinterland is worth the drive up the mountain. The Hinterland is its' own unique escape, where you’ll be transported to a lush green sanctuary. Make sure to pack your walking shoes and visit one of our iconic walks. The Kondalilla Falls walk will take you to some stunning rock pools hidden away in a valley where you can take a nice dip before finishing the circuit.

Visit a Sunshine Coast brewery

We’re the Sunshine Coast for a reason! Can you name a more iconic duo than a beautiful sunny day and a cold beverage? Then it's no wonder we’ve seen an explosion of micro-breweries appear over the last couple of years on the Sunshine Coast. One of our most iconic has to be Your Mates in Kawana. Your Mates Brewery has been a labour of love for two local mates and their iconic pale ale Larry has recently been picked up nationally by Dan Murphy’s and was voted number 4 in the GABS hottest 100 Aussie craft beers. Your Mates brewhouse is found right near the festival in the Kawana industrial area and designed for the whole family with a choice of affordable foods, drinks and a fenced playground for the littlest family members.

Climb a Mountain

The Sunny Coast is a pretty picturesque location and the best place to view it is at the top of one of our many mountains. No matter your skill level, there is a mountain suitable. If you’re looking for something easy enough for the whole family, Wildhorse Mountain is the baby of the Glasshouse mountains and is 1.4km return. It's still a mountain though and has enough incline to get those muscles working. This handy guide will take you through all the local mountains and skills needed to get to the top. If you're a fitness fanatic you can always try the five in one day challenge.

Whatever it is you plan to experience, ENJOY! And if you don't have time to extend your stay past the festival this time 'round, we'll see you next time! 💙✌